Thursday, December 13, 2007

Choo-Choo Train is Coming...

Lets Get on board..

This Christmas has come round with a speed, and we are busy decorating the house and building up a really pretty display for the festive season.
Part of our display includes a stunning motorized train set,crafted by Marklin many years ago...I am not too sure how old this model train set is, but my father used to play with it when he was a child, so its at least 40 years old...and perhaps even closer to 50 .

After all these years, this set is running perfectly and has several authentic looking attachments which make it awesome to see when its whizzing round the track.The little engine headlights glow in the dark and it can even go in reverse !

I am so in love with this train set, I had to share a few pictures here. Because of loading times, I kept them quite small...but I will provide a link to the rest of the pics once I upload them online, for anyone who wishes to view them more closely.Hey, I promise, if you look inside the train, you may actually see Father Christmas bringing all the presents :)

Take care, be safe and enjoy whatever you may be doing !

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