Thursday, December 6, 2007

Clutter-Monster keep away !

Awoke and have to reach for a cup of strong coffee. I went to bed very late, though I slept well enough.Last night some neighbours came by to chat and they stayed quite late...well, its the season for late night talking,make no mistake.

Still, today has arrived and its getting closer to Christmas.I'm still so busy with all the cleaning, yesterday we gave away so much clothing and other items that had been gathering word, who would have known that these cupboards were capable of holding so much junk??

Still, one persons junk may well be a treasure to someone with that in mind, we headed off to a nearby farm where we have previously offloaded excess items.

A few of the women who work on the farm saw us coming and came forward to check out the stuff.After some perusal,they assured me that they would be able to make use of fact, they sell the items to family etc to make a bit of money.I am so glad to be rid of that took up so much space and was actually wearing me down.I hate clutter, yet for some strange reason I always seem to have so much of it.I guess the clutter monster finds my closets especially appealing...for what reason, I cannot tell.

I do feel that if one has items that never get used, why not pass it on to those who need it.
Others may be able to use it...and if I havent used an item for about a year,its gotta go...
After all... I need to make space for next years Clutter :)

Speaking of next year, for those who feel like seeing what tomorrow may bring, here is a cute reader in my side panel that I got at Commentbaby.

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