Friday, July 13, 2007

Computers...You Gotta Love them,RIGHT ??

A blog without comment's is like a dish that lacks Salt. It's OK, but with the addition of Salt, it becomes so much Better! I have been looking through some comments that were made on my most recent posts. Several unique people took the time out to leave a comment here and there, for which I feel truly honoured.I therefore present the following 2 posts as a token of my gratitude, and because I don't think comments should be hidden away.Whether negative or positive, they make a blogger's day that much more rewarding. So a Big Thank You to everyone who has commented.I couldn't put you all on this post, but I have you in my Heart!

To start off: Huge Thanks to Mike at Mikes Money Making Mission!
I am a very bad girl in that I never really got to thank Mike properly for the generous nudge he gave in my direction.I saw his post only a week later and I still feel bad about it! Sorry, Mike...hope you can forgive a newbie blogger with a bad internet connection??

Recent Comments I have received:

My very tongue-in-cheek post regarding traffic received these kind words from Breezie: 'A great article here Jesse, keep up the good work.' ( See some really amazing article writing tips at Breezie's blog!)

Lovely and talented Marzie from Mariuca and the Perfume Gallery dropped by:' Hi Jesse, thank you for the nice mention, so thoughtful of you! I enjoyed this article and am glad to see you've joined all my fav sites like MBL and Spicy. What about Blog Catalog? That's a nice place too! :) :)'

Ed Philly was kind enough to add: 'I'm glad I found this place while it's still in its youth. I'm interested to see how increased traffic changes your site. You have some very good tips here. I've been doing this for years, and even I learned something. Keep it up.'

While my Link-Sister, Sam offered this .." Of the three major paid content sites,Triond is the best one to start with because it's the only one that requires your content be unpublished, so you can submit it to other sites after that one.'

Great Big Jesse *Hugs* To All Of You

Turbo Tagger