Sunday, August 12, 2007

Newbie blogger seeks advice..

This blog was originally started a few months ago with the intention of primarily discussing money making ideas and chatting about how to improve ones google ranking ratings and ultimately draw some decent traffic, along with a few other more personal posts about my country, lifestyle etc. A kind of well balanced blog.

However, my blog seems to be pulling me badly off the path I had originally planned for it.I have met so many wonderful bloggers who send me tags and other playful things..I love doing them, please dont get me wrong.I enjoy them thoroughly and they are an important part of communication between bloggers.Dont stop tagging me, guys..Pleeeeeeeeezzzzzzzeeeeee :)

However, is this a bad thing for This particular blog ? Should I limit This blog to more serious discussions as originally intended, or just change my blog description,heading, key words and metatags to something more general? And continue with tags and games and a few more serious posts in between ??

Or...relentlessly push This blog into its 'intended subject matter' and keep all tags and fun stuff for my other writing\poetry blog? (which is a more laid back and personal blog and was never intended to pull any traffic...its has very few readers, but I love it)

Have any other readers experienced the same with any of their blogs?

Any ideas or advice would help.