Thursday, May 24, 2007

Apart from travelling to the USA, (amazing country, true,true,true!!) I haven't really been abroad much. I would like to travel a lot more if I ever get the chance( who wouldnt?)... as there are so many wonderful countries and exotic spots on this amazing planet. My list of favourite destinations is endless and I would also like to see a few really cool concerts, perhaps ZZ Top or The Band, to name but a few. For now though I am perfectly happy to travel this internet highway, learning as I go along, proceeding on a journey of grand discovery.The ability to communicate and browse the net for just about anything from avocados to Paris Hilton's perfume is truly one of mankinds greatest inventions, wouldnt you agree?? Sadly, many people have no access to this communication tool which, according to my extremely humble opinion, should be easily affordable and accessible to everyone who wants or needs it. Here in South Africa, if you are just a normal, lower or even middle class nine-to-fiver, the cost of monthly internet acess is exhorbitant, to say the least! Hopefully, soon everyone’s access will become more affordable, something I hope to see in my own lifetime.
Now, I will always try to give some tips and advice which you can read and try out. Remember, any work you decide to take on will only reap rewards if you make some effort. Sometimes a big effort is required and other times the effort is tiny. As with everything in business and moneymaking ideas and life in general, the end results depend on you and your attitude!
Several streams of income would be nice:Of course, there are many other ways of earning money online. I have been researching the blogs and articles of really brilliant people who are more clued up than myself. Many of them do agree on one thing! They advise any individual seeking some internet income not to put all their eggs in one basket. It seems that having several cashflow streams is the way to go. This will ensure that you firstly do not spend all your effort working madly away on one project, only to see minimal earnings, or worse, after all your hard work, the company closes up and you never earn a penny! It seems that the idea of several different streams of income trickling into your pocket is really the better choice in this case. In essence this suggests that you should try many different ideas and eventually keep the ones that work for you! Throw away the bad eggs and put more effort into those with better potential.

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