Thursday, October 11, 2007

Scary Spiders and Everyday Hero's...

A Tribute To All The Really Great Men Out There !

This is the sight that greeted me in the kitchen on Thursday...oh my Gosh! As I entered the kitchen,there was this huge spider high up near the ceiling, just sitting there and staring at me.

Of course, I hadn't the nerve to do anything else except quiver and shake...and call for a HERO to help me out !

I have some terrible phobias that includes 2, ...OK, make that 3 things!

No 1 is a phobia, only recently acquired, for aeroplane travel...just ask Nihal, he will tell you all about my ridiculous fears and the wicked and funny anecdote he gave me before my last plane trip! Nihal, thanks a whole bunch :)

No 2 is a phobia all about cockroaches, I cannot even look at them and their evil little faces, let alone kill them.I have a theory that they are actually aliens come to take over the Earth...and if one of these has ever stared at you in that meaningful and wicked way they have, you will know what I mean.Its like you are being scrutinised... for what....only God knows :)

No 3 is a phobia for spiders, their little legs and fangs and all seeing eyes make me cringe and freeze me to the spot! Just reading Bobby's recent article on the subject made me so jittery I couldn't even leave a comment there :)
When I encountered this biggie in my kitchen, I could hardly move, let alone breath!

Sam Chan, I needed your wisdom at this moment...My fear took over completely, and I was frozen to the spot.

Luckily, amazing Ivanovitch came to my pathetic rescue and removed the spider ( please note his amused, or is it bemused expression as he looks at me shivering and gibbering )

How lucky we are to have men in our lives, whether it be father, lover, friends, neighbours or family members ...if not, who would carry out all the horrible jobs of squishing bugs, spraying cockroaches and removing spiders for us females?? Not to mention putting up shelves, helping to move heavy cupboards and a host of other things I could never accomplish without the aid of a male. You guys are the Bomb !

And I take my hat off to Ivanovitch, a wonderful and amazing remover of all things strange and frightening. You Rock, totally....errr, now can you do me a favour and check under my bed?? I'm pretty sure I heard something stirring there last night! Or maybe the noise came from the closet? :)

PS...I took the spider picture when it had been escorted far away outside, as I felt a lot safer having some space between us! I havent a clue as to what kind of spider it is,or whether or not it is dangerous.I only know that its Scary :)

Enjoy the week-end, and make sure to live it in the very best way possible,
Jesse Hugz

Turbo Tagger