Monday, August 27, 2007

Monday Can be A Fun Day....if You Let IT !!

Do you ever feel Blue or Bored on a Monday ?If so, here are some things to help you get your Groove back!

I have added a few links on my blog sidebar for the tools I find useful as a blogger. That way they are easily accessible to me, and also to anyone else who may need them.I advise you to give them a visit and play around with whats on offer there, its fun, I promise you.

One of the links I have added is I-Web-Tools.This site is full of interesting things for bloggers.These include meta tag generators and for any newbies who haven't a clue what they are, read my previous post on this subject . I-Web-Tools offer a host of free yummies that most bloggers will find useful.You can check your backlinks there and peek at how a search engine spider views your site.You can even have a go at predicting your future Google page rank. :)

Next up is My Page Rank. Go to their site and check down on the side panel, all the free tools are listed under free services.You don't need to join up or anything like that to make use of whats on offer. They provide a range of services which include adding your blog to several search engines.You can also use their pinging tool to alert the engines when you have published a new post.If you are a newbie blogger (like me), you may not know what a ping is...don't feel alone, I also had no clue.Well, a ping is when you send a little message to the search engines to say that you have fresh content on your blog. If your blog is hosted with Blogger, they automatically do the basic pinging for you, whenever you publish a new post.I always do my own pinging as well using the free tools above.( just in case ! ) This may also be helpful to bloggers whose blogs are not hosted with Blogger and are not automatically pinged.

I also use Feed Shark quite often.You can ping your blog at Feed Shark and if you use their techno tagger function, you can add some technorati tags as well, if you so choose.

Onto another Yummy topic. I recently joined up at Blogging Den which is a Community type blog created by Aayush Bhatnagar.

The Blogging Den is free to join.Once you are a member you can publish any post you wish at Blogging Den, even those you have already posted on your own blog.What I like about the setup is the fact that within minutes of joining up, you will see the ' Blogging Den' option appear on your Blogger Dashboard, along with your own blogs.This makes it ultra simple to publish a post to the Blogging Den from within Blogger and its totally fuss free.

There are some simple but necessary rules to follow as a member of the Den and here they are in Aayush's own words:

This blog is an effort to unite all my fellow blogger friends ! Let me explain the concept of Blogging Den...

I will add authors to this blog, who will in turn promote their blogs at Blogging Den. They can also submit posts about any topic they find interesting. They can tag their blogs under their relevant category.

The blog authors will be free to promote their current blogs..quite obviously..and tag their blogs, along with their friends' blogs. The authors can write about anything they like to, and leave a link back to their blog. This will increase their GOOGLE Page Rank and TECHNORATI authority. Feel free to comment on other's posts as well.

There are certain requests I have with all Blogging Den Authors:

1) Be nice to each other. Do not defame each other's blogs.
2) Add a link of Blogging Den to the blog/s you author.
3) Fave it on Technorati.
4) Post one review about Blogging Den at your blog, when you guys join in.
5) Tell your friends about Blogging Den.

This would work in our mutual interest, bigger the Blogging Den community, better it is for our blogs ! If the readership of Blogging Den increases, it will benefit all it's members !

The bottom line being: United we stand, divided we fall !


( ends here )

And why would you want to join Blogging Den, you may ask?Well, apart from the fact that it could eventually increase your traffic, it also has other attractive benefits.You could make new friends and gain a few more readers via the Blogging Den. And what about all those previous posts of yours that you felt proud to display on your blog a few weeks or months ago; those little gems and pieces of genius...well, dust them off and give them a new lease on life by posting them up at the Blogging Den. The more members, the more FUN for all of us, so see you there ! :)

Aayush is also the author of My Life As It Is, a wonderfully interesting site all about India. Check it out for yourself.

Now For Some Available Opportunities gleaned from various online sources:

If you are a citizen of America, Canada, Australia or the U.K , you can make some lovely dollars blogging about things you love and are passionate about at
. Wish I didn't live in South Africa , lolz...
They are currently looking for self motivated bloggers from the above mentioned countries to post on a Huge variety of topics.They pay you $4 per blog entry..and you could conceivably earn up to 300 dollars a month.Check them out for more details

A Copy Writer with Character is needed by this California based company, view their ad for more info.I assume they are looking for someone who lives nearby.

Freelance Bloggers Wanted for Paid Positions, see their ad for further info.

Want to blog for an online mag? See advert for more details.

A Senior blog editor and blogger is being sought by are looking for someone based in Southern California but they seem willing to consider a work-from-home position for the right candidate.See further info.

Here is a blogging opportunity that accepts bloggers from any country.If you are a passionate and totally dedicated blogger, may be what you are looking for.

B5media is looking for a Asian blogger.View advertisement and see if you have what it takes.

If anyone knows of more opportunities for bloggers to earn money, message me and I will post the links up here.Also, don't forget to check out my Work-From-Home list, there might be something that is suitable for you.

And Happy Monday to You ..Make it a GREAT ONE.... :)

P.S. Still Bored?? Well, if you feel like making a cute widget for your blog, visit WidgetBox and play to your Hearts Content...I warn you, it's Addictive !

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