Wednesday, February 13, 2008

My Valentine's Linky-Love..

Yay..its Valentines Day, and I really want to give all the Bloggers I know ( and those I dont know) a beautiful Gift of Love! No matter what your situation, whether you are in a relationship, in a happy marriage,a sad marriage or a second or third marriage ,divorced...or single and proud of it, I still want to send you Love.

Why? Well, apparently Love is the Single most Important Human emotion that we have... it enables healing,helps combat depression and basically just makes one feel really good. Love is after all what makes the world go round !

Valentines Day is not just for young people in love,it can and Should be celebrated by everyone of all ages and worldwide too.Its a really wonderful way of saying I appreciate you for who you are and Thank You So Much!

So I am sending my huge big Valentine Gift full of Love, Respect, Hugs, Peace... and Hope for a Wonderful tomorrow...Zooooooming over to all these beautiful people I am so fortunate to know in the Blogosphere. Hope it arrives over there safe and sound ,if it doesnt, let me know :)

Happy Valentines Day to :

That Wonderfully Crusty Redneck
Speedy Cat
Auntie Dar
Ed Philly
Abhatnagar and the Blogging Den
Sam Chan
Aaron Cook
Forging Iron Man
Drifts from the river of Karma
Az azura
Eat Your Maths
Jackys Opinion
Cape Girl
Sandy G
Sweet Rai

and also to my really amazing online friends who are NOT bloggers,people I met on Facebook and Myspace. This goes to you as well ! Wish you all had blogs so I mention you here.

Take care...and remember to share lots of real and grand Love with all those around you.Hug your loved ones, kiss them and share special moments.
After all...Its what Valentine's Day is about :)

ps..the lovely flower image was forwarded to me by my facebook friend Alan B.The rose is from Janice...and the cats are from Steven,on MySpace.Thanks guys,for making my day brighter than ever :)


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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Choo-Choo Train is Coming...

Lets Get on board..

This Christmas has come round with a speed, and we are busy decorating the house and building up a really pretty display for the festive season.
Part of our display includes a stunning motorized train set,crafted by Marklin many years ago...I am not too sure how old this model train set is, but my father used to play with it when he was a child, so its at least 40 years old...and perhaps even closer to 50 .

After all these years, this set is running perfectly and has several authentic looking attachments which make it awesome to see when its whizzing round the track.The little engine headlights glow in the dark and it can even go in reverse !

I am so in love with this train set, I had to share a few pictures here. Because of loading times, I kept them quite small...but I will provide a link to the rest of the pics once I upload them online, for anyone who wishes to view them more closely.Hey, I promise, if you look inside the train, you may actually see Father Christmas bringing all the presents :)

Take care, be safe and enjoy whatever you may be doing !

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Thursday, December 6, 2007

Clutter-Monster keep away !

Awoke and have to reach for a cup of strong coffee. I went to bed very late, though I slept well enough.Last night some neighbours came by to chat and they stayed quite late...well, its the season for late night talking,make no mistake.

Still, today has arrived and its getting closer to Christmas.I'm still so busy with all the cleaning, yesterday we gave away so much clothing and other items that had been gathering word, who would have known that these cupboards were capable of holding so much junk??

Still, one persons junk may well be a treasure to someone with that in mind, we headed off to a nearby farm where we have previously offloaded excess items.

A few of the women who work on the farm saw us coming and came forward to check out the stuff.After some perusal,they assured me that they would be able to make use of fact, they sell the items to family etc to make a bit of money.I am so glad to be rid of that took up so much space and was actually wearing me down.I hate clutter, yet for some strange reason I always seem to have so much of it.I guess the clutter monster finds my closets especially appealing...for what reason, I cannot tell.

I do feel that if one has items that never get used, why not pass it on to those who need it.
Others may be able to use it...and if I havent used an item for about a year,its gotta go...
After all... I need to make space for next years Clutter :)

Speaking of next year, for those who feel like seeing what tomorrow may bring, here is a cute reader in my side panel that I got at Commentbaby.

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Thursday, November 8, 2007

Friends In High Places..

This post is in response to Bobby tagging me, among others, with 'The Blogging For Friendship Writing Project'. Well, I apologise for being so late with this one.My PC went on the blink and I lost everything.I am back again though, and at last able to post this one up.

From Bobby's Site:

'The rules are simple. Write a post promoting goodness and friendship in the blogosphere. If some of you have any ideas on how or why Google should be boycotted, by all means, please do so. Keep in mind this isn’t about hating Google, it’s about solutions and friendships.

Once you are done, leave me a comment with the url of your post. Be creative and show your love! I am tagging a lot of you! Feel free to double tag the same people. That’ll make it even better. You don’t have to tag anyone if you don’t want to. Write something positive for our friendship and the betterment of humanity.' (end)

Well, thats a cool idea, having a Project to promote friendship in the BlogoSphere.

While I was away,my online buddies were all busy blogging like little beavers.I am totally amazed at the amount of writing talent and humor and creativity that abounds in the BlogoSphere.I was fortunate to come across many interesting and funny and thought provoking posts on my return from PC Exile.

My Trucker buddy Robert is one of the funniest people I know! He featured a yummy Po-Boy sandwich recipe on his blog,just for me ! Robert, thanks so much,it looks interesting, not to mention delicious. I fully intend to give that recipe a try here at home and will throw away my diet plan,lol,just to taste it..
Robert, you are such a talented writer and I find your posts so entertaining,to say the least. I must add, meeting you in the Sphere has been one of my better experiences. Why ? Because I can count on your humor to brighten my dullest days...Thanks so much for your amazing posts and all the fun you bring to blogging!

Rolando, Mister R...what can I say ? You are one of the Brighter Lights of the blogging world.A friend so many have come to know and respect and love! I am happy and honoured to have you as a friend myself and for all the help you have provided me lately, well, Rolando...I just want to say thanks so very much...
You bring lots of warmth,kindness and humor to the Sphere, it wouldnt be the same without you ( at least, not for me ! )...Your site is a bit like a second home to me :)

SpeedCat, ...whenever I visit your site, I laugh out loud! Your funny pictures and hilarious posts always leave me feeling goofy and they chase away any low moods that may be lurking in my mind.You also have the amazing ability to post all your tags and awards at a Super-Fast pace, hey I cant keep up! No wonder they call you Speedy, oh, and thanks for all the fun you have added to the Blogosphere !Speedy,You Rock !

And to Team Nafasg, it was wonderful to read how you blended that tag I passed your way and made it all into one awesome article.The topic is certainly one that many of us need to read and learn from !
I have lots of catching up to do at your place, Guys ,And I cant wait to read everything there.Thanks for so much for the wonderful work you do.Through your words, you have an incredible way of teaching people while reaching deep into their hearts!
( Team NAFASG also took part in this tag and wrote a heartfelt post honoring all their dear friends.The badge I am using in this post was designed by them and links back to the post they wrote.)
We Stand As One
Other Blogs I adore include:














So many amazing bloggers that I am blessed to know. Thanks so much for all your kindness and support during my months of blogging. My online adventure wouldnt shine nearly so bright if ALL of you werent in it! Through the good and the bad, you are always there..somewhere,lol, out there in the Sphere, hey, I can see you, truly I can ..

If I had to EVER leave off blogging,I would feel a hole in my heart for the longest time.Just browsing around,checking out various blogs and seeing what the buzz is all about...well, that makes my days extra special.You Guys Rock..and always inspire me to do my Best.

As for writing anything regarding Google, well, I'll just say 'Hey Google, thanks for the page rank shuffle, glad mine and all my buddies went up! If tomorrow it goes down again,well ...I dont really care A BLOT ! :)

Have the best week evah !

P.S... and as for tagging anyone, well, I am not too sure about the deadline for this Writing Project of Bobby' I will hold off tagging anyone till I find out from him.

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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Scary Spiders and Everyday Hero's...

A Tribute To All The Really Great Men Out There !

This is the sight that greeted me in the kitchen on Thursday...oh my Gosh! As I entered the kitchen,there was this huge spider high up near the ceiling, just sitting there and staring at me.

Of course, I hadn't the nerve to do anything else except quiver and shake...and call for a HERO to help me out !

I have some terrible phobias that includes 2, ...OK, make that 3 things!

No 1 is a phobia, only recently acquired, for aeroplane travel...just ask Nihal, he will tell you all about my ridiculous fears and the wicked and funny anecdote he gave me before my last plane trip! Nihal, thanks a whole bunch :)

No 2 is a phobia all about cockroaches, I cannot even look at them and their evil little faces, let alone kill them.I have a theory that they are actually aliens come to take over the Earth...and if one of these has ever stared at you in that meaningful and wicked way they have, you will know what I mean.Its like you are being scrutinised... for what....only God knows :)

No 3 is a phobia for spiders, their little legs and fangs and all seeing eyes make me cringe and freeze me to the spot! Just reading Bobby's recent article on the subject made me so jittery I couldn't even leave a comment there :)
When I encountered this biggie in my kitchen, I could hardly move, let alone breath!

Sam Chan, I needed your wisdom at this moment...My fear took over completely, and I was frozen to the spot.

Luckily, amazing Ivanovitch came to my pathetic rescue and removed the spider ( please note his amused, or is it bemused expression as he looks at me shivering and gibbering )

How lucky we are to have men in our lives, whether it be father, lover, friends, neighbours or family members ...if not, who would carry out all the horrible jobs of squishing bugs, spraying cockroaches and removing spiders for us females?? Not to mention putting up shelves, helping to move heavy cupboards and a host of other things I could never accomplish without the aid of a male. You guys are the Bomb !

And I take my hat off to Ivanovitch, a wonderful and amazing remover of all things strange and frightening. You Rock, totally....errr, now can you do me a favour and check under my bed?? I'm pretty sure I heard something stirring there last night! Or maybe the noise came from the closet? :)

PS...I took the spider picture when it had been escorted far away outside, as I felt a lot safer having some space between us! I havent a clue as to what kind of spider it is,or whether or not it is dangerous.I only know that its Scary :)

Enjoy the week-end, and make sure to live it in the very best way possible,
Jesse Hugz

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Monday, August 27, 2007

Monday Can be A Fun Day....if You Let IT !!

Do you ever feel Blue or Bored on a Monday ?If so, here are some things to help you get your Groove back!

I have added a few links on my blog sidebar for the tools I find useful as a blogger. That way they are easily accessible to me, and also to anyone else who may need them.I advise you to give them a visit and play around with whats on offer there, its fun, I promise you.

One of the links I have added is I-Web-Tools.This site is full of interesting things for bloggers.These include meta tag generators and for any newbies who haven't a clue what they are, read my previous post on this subject . I-Web-Tools offer a host of free yummies that most bloggers will find useful.You can check your backlinks there and peek at how a search engine spider views your site.You can even have a go at predicting your future Google page rank. :)

Next up is My Page Rank. Go to their site and check down on the side panel, all the free tools are listed under free services.You don't need to join up or anything like that to make use of whats on offer. They provide a range of services which include adding your blog to several search engines.You can also use their pinging tool to alert the engines when you have published a new post.If you are a newbie blogger (like me), you may not know what a ping is...don't feel alone, I also had no clue.Well, a ping is when you send a little message to the search engines to say that you have fresh content on your blog. If your blog is hosted with Blogger, they automatically do the basic pinging for you, whenever you publish a new post.I always do my own pinging as well using the free tools above.( just in case ! ) This may also be helpful to bloggers whose blogs are not hosted with Blogger and are not automatically pinged.

I also use Feed Shark quite often.You can ping your blog at Feed Shark and if you use their techno tagger function, you can add some technorati tags as well, if you so choose.

Onto another Yummy topic. I recently joined up at Blogging Den which is a Community type blog created by Aayush Bhatnagar.

The Blogging Den is free to join.Once you are a member you can publish any post you wish at Blogging Den, even those you have already posted on your own blog.What I like about the setup is the fact that within minutes of joining up, you will see the ' Blogging Den' option appear on your Blogger Dashboard, along with your own blogs.This makes it ultra simple to publish a post to the Blogging Den from within Blogger and its totally fuss free.

There are some simple but necessary rules to follow as a member of the Den and here they are in Aayush's own words:

This blog is an effort to unite all my fellow blogger friends ! Let me explain the concept of Blogging Den...

I will add authors to this blog, who will in turn promote their blogs at Blogging Den. They can also submit posts about any topic they find interesting. They can tag their blogs under their relevant category.

The blog authors will be free to promote their current blogs..quite obviously..and tag their blogs, along with their friends' blogs. The authors can write about anything they like to, and leave a link back to their blog. This will increase their GOOGLE Page Rank and TECHNORATI authority. Feel free to comment on other's posts as well.

There are certain requests I have with all Blogging Den Authors:

1) Be nice to each other. Do not defame each other's blogs.
2) Add a link of Blogging Den to the blog/s you author.
3) Fave it on Technorati.
4) Post one review about Blogging Den at your blog, when you guys join in.
5) Tell your friends about Blogging Den.

This would work in our mutual interest, bigger the Blogging Den community, better it is for our blogs ! If the readership of Blogging Den increases, it will benefit all it's members !

The bottom line being: United we stand, divided we fall !


( ends here )

And why would you want to join Blogging Den, you may ask?Well, apart from the fact that it could eventually increase your traffic, it also has other attractive benefits.You could make new friends and gain a few more readers via the Blogging Den. And what about all those previous posts of yours that you felt proud to display on your blog a few weeks or months ago; those little gems and pieces of genius...well, dust them off and give them a new lease on life by posting them up at the Blogging Den. The more members, the more FUN for all of us, so see you there ! :)

Aayush is also the author of My Life As It Is, a wonderfully interesting site all about India. Check it out for yourself.

Now For Some Available Opportunities gleaned from various online sources:

If you are a citizen of America, Canada, Australia or the U.K , you can make some lovely dollars blogging about things you love and are passionate about at
. Wish I didn't live in South Africa , lolz...
They are currently looking for self motivated bloggers from the above mentioned countries to post on a Huge variety of topics.They pay you $4 per blog entry..and you could conceivably earn up to 300 dollars a month.Check them out for more details

A Copy Writer with Character is needed by this California based company, view their ad for more info.I assume they are looking for someone who lives nearby.

Freelance Bloggers Wanted for Paid Positions, see their ad for further info.

Want to blog for an online mag? See advert for more details.

A Senior blog editor and blogger is being sought by are looking for someone based in Southern California but they seem willing to consider a work-from-home position for the right candidate.See further info.

Here is a blogging opportunity that accepts bloggers from any country.If you are a passionate and totally dedicated blogger, may be what you are looking for.

B5media is looking for a Asian blogger.View advertisement and see if you have what it takes.

If anyone knows of more opportunities for bloggers to earn money, message me and I will post the links up here.Also, don't forget to check out my Work-From-Home list, there might be something that is suitable for you.

And Happy Monday to You ..Make it a GREAT ONE.... :)

P.S. Still Bored?? Well, if you feel like making a cute widget for your blog, visit WidgetBox and play to your Hearts Content...I warn you, it's Addictive !

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Friday, August 24, 2007

Looking For Her Long Lost Friend ..!!

Well, NAFASG just informed me that I am one of their Certified Partners... which means I am one of their Special Buddies! They gave me a badge that I happily accept with loads of Blogger-love ! I admire Team NAFASG for their unique and creative blogging style and I wish them lots of success in All their endeavours .I am proud to carry their Cool Orange badge on my blog as well.Thats what friends are for..after all ! :)

Speaking of friends, I read NAFASG's most recent post and it moved me very deeply so I decided to copy it here in its entirety, as written by the NAFASG team. Here goes:

Looking For A Long Lost Friend

Dear Readers,

We hope that you can spare some of your time reading this article. It would mean a lot to one of our good friends in the blogosphere, if you can help her in this.

Our good friend named Sandy is currently searching for a person whom she had always regarded as her best friend. They were very close to each other, until a conflict between them arose. Ever since then, both of them lost touch of each other.

It has been nine long years since they last communicated with each other, and Sandy is deeply affected by her best friend’s absence. Her greatest wish right now is to reunite with her best friend and be close to her like before.


Sandy's best friend’s name is Judy Sanford and is staying with her husband named Mike. According to Sandy, she was last found to be staying in California. Whether she is still staying in California or not is still a question mark. But you could be the person to answer the question!

If you happened to know Judy and her whereabouts, kindly inform us or inform Sandy directly via her blog. Even if you have never heard of Judy, you can still do your part by spreading this heartfelt message via your blogs.

Your immediate response to this message is greatly appreciated. What we are doing may be something small, but if all of us can put our hands together and be part of the search, it can bring two best friends together again after nine long years.

Sandy, please be strong in going through this obstacle in your life. Have great faith that miracles can happen, always look on the bright side of life, and believe that your long awaited wish could come true. We are here for you and will do our best to help you.

Judy, if you are reading this, please contact Sandy as soon as possible. She really misses you and wants to make up for the lost times. Let bygones be bygones. Hope that you will reciprocate Sandy’s feelings as soon as you can. ( end article )

I applaud NAFASG for making such efforts to help someone else.Their eagerness to spread the word about these two divided friends is amazing, and I hope that ultimately the 2 ladies will meet up and work things out.Sandy, best of luck to you ...I hope you do find your friend. :)


P.S. Any other Bloggers out there who want to post the above article on their sites may do so with pleasure...It could help to bring these friends together again.


Sunday, August 12, 2007

Newbie blogger seeks advice..

This blog was originally started a few months ago with the intention of primarily discussing money making ideas and chatting about how to improve ones google ranking ratings and ultimately draw some decent traffic, along with a few other more personal posts about my country, lifestyle etc. A kind of well balanced blog.

However, my blog seems to be pulling me badly off the path I had originally planned for it.I have met so many wonderful bloggers who send me tags and other playful things..I love doing them, please dont get me wrong.I enjoy them thoroughly and they are an important part of communication between bloggers.Dont stop tagging me, guys..Pleeeeeeeeezzzzzzzeeeeee :)

However, is this a bad thing for This particular blog ? Should I limit This blog to more serious discussions as originally intended, or just change my blog description,heading, key words and metatags to something more general? And continue with tags and games and a few more serious posts in between ??

Or...relentlessly push This blog into its 'intended subject matter' and keep all tags and fun stuff for my other writing\poetry blog? (which is a more laid back and personal blog and was never intended to pull any traffic...its has very few readers, but I love it)

Have any other readers experienced the same with any of their blogs?

Any ideas or advice would help.


Friday, July 13, 2007

Computers...You Gotta Love them,RIGHT ??

A blog without comment's is like a dish that lacks Salt. It's OK, but with the addition of Salt, it becomes so much Better! I have been looking through some comments that were made on my most recent posts. Several unique people took the time out to leave a comment here and there, for which I feel truly honoured.I therefore present the following 2 posts as a token of my gratitude, and because I don't think comments should be hidden away.Whether negative or positive, they make a blogger's day that much more rewarding. So a Big Thank You to everyone who has commented.I couldn't put you all on this post, but I have you in my Heart!

To start off: Huge Thanks to Mike at Mikes Money Making Mission!
I am a very bad girl in that I never really got to thank Mike properly for the generous nudge he gave in my direction.I saw his post only a week later and I still feel bad about it! Sorry, Mike...hope you can forgive a newbie blogger with a bad internet connection??

Recent Comments I have received:

My very tongue-in-cheek post regarding traffic received these kind words from Breezie: 'A great article here Jesse, keep up the good work.' ( See some really amazing article writing tips at Breezie's blog!)

Lovely and talented Marzie from Mariuca and the Perfume Gallery dropped by:' Hi Jesse, thank you for the nice mention, so thoughtful of you! I enjoyed this article and am glad to see you've joined all my fav sites like MBL and Spicy. What about Blog Catalog? That's a nice place too! :) :)'

Ed Philly was kind enough to add: 'I'm glad I found this place while it's still in its youth. I'm interested to see how increased traffic changes your site. You have some very good tips here. I've been doing this for years, and even I learned something. Keep it up.'

While my Link-Sister, Sam offered this .." Of the three major paid content sites,Triond is the best one to start with because it's the only one that requires your content be unpublished, so you can submit it to other sites after that one.'

Great Big Jesse *Hugs* To All Of You

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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Apart from travelling to the USA, (amazing country, true,true,true!!) I haven't really been abroad much. I would like to travel a lot more if I ever get the chance( who wouldnt?)... as there are so many wonderful countries and exotic spots on this amazing planet. My list of favourite destinations is endless and I would also like to see a few really cool concerts, perhaps ZZ Top or The Band, to name but a few. For now though I am perfectly happy to travel this internet highway, learning as I go along, proceeding on a journey of grand discovery.The ability to communicate and browse the net for just about anything from avocados to Paris Hilton's perfume is truly one of mankinds greatest inventions, wouldnt you agree?? Sadly, many people have no access to this communication tool which, according to my extremely humble opinion, should be easily affordable and accessible to everyone who wants or needs it. Here in South Africa, if you are just a normal, lower or even middle class nine-to-fiver, the cost of monthly internet acess is exhorbitant, to say the least! Hopefully, soon everyone’s access will become more affordable, something I hope to see in my own lifetime.
Now, I will always try to give some tips and advice which you can read and try out. Remember, any work you decide to take on will only reap rewards if you make some effort. Sometimes a big effort is required and other times the effort is tiny. As with everything in business and moneymaking ideas and life in general, the end results depend on you and your attitude!
Several streams of income would be nice:Of course, there are many other ways of earning money online. I have been researching the blogs and articles of really brilliant people who are more clued up than myself. Many of them do agree on one thing! They advise any individual seeking some internet income not to put all their eggs in one basket. It seems that having several cashflow streams is the way to go. This will ensure that you firstly do not spend all your effort working madly away on one project, only to see minimal earnings, or worse, after all your hard work, the company closes up and you never earn a penny! It seems that the idea of several different streams of income trickling into your pocket is really the better choice in this case. In essence this suggests that you should try many different ideas and eventually keep the ones that work for you! Throw away the bad eggs and put more effort into those with better potential.

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